Death Can Change a Life...
My friend Rona was 45 years old when she was diagnosed with end-stage cancer. She had three young sons, ages 13, 11, and 9, to whom she had to say goodbye. I spent every day with her from diagnosis to death, and she taught me much about "dying well". Her journey was filled with heartbreak, but also hilarity; it held both devastation and the divine.  
Most of all, her experience transformed from sadness and fear to meaning, healing, connection and grace. Rona changed my life as hers was ending. Since then, in my years of work in hospice and end-of-life care, I've observed those who are attracted to this field. They are special people with specific characteristics. Those characteristics are, indeed, a rare collection.

A huge heart and a soul of service...
~Does the end of life hold mysteries that you feel compelled to explore?
~Do you seek to live and give more compassionately?
~Would a certification in this field be a doorway for work or volunteering?
~Do you "lean into" death, dying, grief and loss, where others move away?
~Does death and dying feel like a spiritual calling or connection?
If yes, learn how you can "lean in" even more...

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